Art and Research projects

Site-specific participatory projects, collaborative projects, and public commissions (2005-present)


Satellitstaden (2011-2015) is an individual street-wide participatory installation on satellite dishes in the multiethnic suburb Fittja outside of Stockholm together with residents.

Mãe Preta

Mãe Preta (2015-2021) looks at Black motherhood in slavery visual archives and current Afrofeminist struggles regarding the memory of slavery in 5 different cities in Brazil. It includes extensive artworks, collaborations with local communities, educational initiatives, public programs and a publication.

Letters from Jordbro

Letters from Jordbro (2017) is a public commission where four young filmmakers created short films in the form of letters to a chosen recipient. Commisioned by Paula Zamora, in collaboration with IDA - The Institute for the Decolonization of Art, for Haninge Municipality, Sweden.

Ö - A Möbius Trip

Ö - A Möbius Trip - An Archipelago Odyssey (2011-2015) is a collective performance and expedition in the Stockholm archipelago with a publication with international artists.

Banco de Tempo

Banco de Tempo (2011-2015) is an exhibition project with photography, video, participatory site-specific installations and a publication about time, historical archives, and public space in a historical park where Museu da República is located in downtown Rio de Janeiro.


The Nano-exhibition (2005-2009) is a series of group exhibitions created by the artist collective Grupo DOC and held in Brazil and Sweden, featuring over international 200 artists exhibiting works smaller than 10 cm, thus questioning issues of scale, technology and mobility in the art world.

Photography, Video and Sound

Mollecular Monologue


Split Landscapes

Fragile Connections



Art Publications

Satellite Lifelines (2020)

Satellite Lifelines: Media, Art, Migration and the Crisis of Hospitality in Divided Cities, Theory on Demand #38, Institute of Network Cultures, 2020, 312p.
Download PDF/Epub or order here

The art project Satellitstaden (2011-2013) is ful(ly described and illustrated in this publication alongside theoretical analysis of the process of participatory projects in multiethnic suburbs, and the author's of a philosophy of hospitality in divided cities.

See more about Satellitstaden here

Mãe Preta (2018)

Mãe Preta – Exposição e pesquisa de Isabel Löfgren & Patricia Gouvêa, Frida Produções Culturais, 2018, 104pp (Portuguese/English edition) Download PDF here

The Mãe Preta exhibition catalogue and anthology includes all the artworks in the exhibition project from 2015-2018. The volume  features all original artistic work in 4 exhibitions and 6 essays by international scholars and writers. Texts by Isabel Löfgren & Patricia Gouvêa, Temi Odumosu (Malmö University, Sweden), Alex Castro (Brazil), Lilia Moritz Schwarcz (USP, Brazil), Júlio César Medeiros da Silva Pereira (UFF, Brazil), Martina Ahlert (UFMA, Brazil) e Qiana Mestrich (ICP, USA). See more about Mãe Preta here

Banco de Tempo (2015)

Banco de Tempo | Benches of Time – Isabel Löfgren & Patricia Gouvêa, 2015, 180pp (Portuguese/English edition).
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The Banco de Tempo exhibition catalogue and anthology includes all the artworks in the exhibition project from 2011-2012. The volume  features all original artistic work, a poster, foldouts and inserts and essays Isabel Löfgren & Patricia Gouvêa, Isabel Portella, and Antonio Fatorelli.

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Ö - A Möbius Trip (2015)

Ö - A MÖbius Trip -An Archipelago Odyssey. Vision Forum, 2015, 212p.
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The Ö publication is a witness account by an art critic aboard an art expedition into the Stockholm archipelago where strange things happen, and one returned from the trip the same.

Text by Isabel Löfgren & Per Hüttner, curators and editors. Artistic contributions by Camila Sposati (BR), Egill Saebjornsson (IS), Marcia Moraes (BR), Cecilia Ahlqvist (SW), Andrea Hvistendahl (SW), Valerio del Baglivo (IT), Lillevan (IR), Samon Takahashi (FR). Supported by Vision Forum/Linköpings Universitet.

See more about Satellitstaden here

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