Mollecular Monologue

“Molecular Monologue” (Monólogo molecular), 2014
in collaboration with Mats Hjelm
Sound installation

Monastério Zen, Ibiraçu, Espírito Santo, Brazil
Curadoria Jacqueline Bellotti

A voice is heard on a small speaker that reverberates on a glass surface. She reads the opening paragraphs of Clarice Lispector's novel "The Hour of the Star" in Portuguese. The same voice is heard speaking the same text on another small speaker on the other side of the room, this time speaking the same text in a different language...and a dozen other speakers continue with the same voice but in a dozen other languages. Each text is a translation of the Lispector's original text using online translation apps. The speaker does not speak all the languages, issues of exile, migration and translation are spatially configurated in a resulting cacophony of languages connected by the same voice.

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