“Imagem-código” (Image-code)
Photographic works, exhibitions

The works in the “Image-Code” (2003-2006) are a series of photographic assemblages composed of millions of images found online through image-search mechanisms according to specific keywords. The images are usually the first 100 results laid out in different compositions, either arranged in the order in which the results appeared or according to an aesthetic organizing principle. Most artworks are materialized as photographic prints, photographic objects or installations where the results are spatialized. In this exercise of post-photography, keywords include my own name ("Isabel.jpg"), as if searching for my own networked self; the apparatus itself ("webcam.jpg"), and a connection to painting with searching for different colors ("blue.jpg") online; and also searching for images of the most popular cultural icons in global cultures ("michaeljackson.jpg" "Mickeymouse.jpg" and "barbie.jpg")

The works were featured in several exhibitions and a catalogue.

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