Research Projects

DIRAYA - Media Literacy for Tomorrow (2020)

A collaboration between Södertörn University and Lebanese American University in creating a platform for media literacy combining experiences by alternative media outlets in the MENA Region, and pedagogical material. Supported by Swedish Institute - Creative Force.

Discover Diraya here

Institute for Decolnization of ART - Institutet för Diaspora och Avkolonisering (IDA) (2016-2020)

IDA was an art collective based in Stockholm active between 2016-2020 founded by Estella Burga, Isabel Löfgren, and Macarena Dusant.

IDA approached issues in power structures within contemporary art, specifically in the Nordic region, from a decolonized perspective. This entailed the identification of mechanisms of exclusion and understanding which strategies are being used by marginalized artists, artist groups and collectives with which IDA shares a background of migration, outsiderness, inbetweenness, transculturality and assimilation.

IDA investigated knowledge structures and knowledge production in contemporary art in Sweden through concepts such as diaspora, creolization and decolonization in a variety of projects with the aim to reflect and initiate discussions about art’s structural system from from an artistic and cultural perspective. How can we write another (other) art history(ies)?

See IDA's archive here

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